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At mukti bhukti we teach a heart-centred system of yoga inspired by Anusara Yoga®, offered as open classes or tailored workplace sessions. We also offer workshops and one-on-one coaching to take your practice to a deeper level.


In this system of yoga we seek to see the good in everything, even that which challenges us. We aim not only to align the body to achieve optimal health and wellbeing, but also to awaken the mind and heart to a zest for life and a sense of purpose.


Classes involve a sequence of yoga poses (asanas), which may be led in a continuous flow (vinyasa) or held for several minutes, keeping the focus on the breath. Classes conclude with a gentle relaxation to integrate the practice and calm the mind.


Niyama Hot Yoga™

Created by Mac McHugh, founder of Niyama Yoga in Chicago, Niyama Hot Yoga™ is a series of sequences aimed at building strength, stamina and flexibility, usually practised in heat and high humidity to facilitate sweating (and thereby aid detoxification).


Suitable for both beginners and advanced students, it is also a great class for students who have shoulder injuries and need to rest from the challenges of a vinyasa (flowing) practice.


The practice includes standing poses in the first hour with many forward folds, lateral bends and twists, which begin the detoxification process. Core strength and balance work are also built into the sequence. Following this is a series of backbends and hip openers.


Niyama Hot Yoga™ also has a tradition of using uplifting music, which inspires students to enjoy their practice.


To join a Niyama Hot Yoga™ practice, come along to either of the Fitness First classes here.


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Niyama hot yoga

Niyama Hot Yoga™


Niyama: the practice of self-observation