what is yoga?


The Sanskrit word ‘yoga’ means ‘to unite, connect’ (‘yoke’), and can be understood as a path towards uniting our lower, ego self with our higher, more enlightened self, so that we can live a more conscious and fulfilled life.


The physical building blocks of yoga are the postures (asanas) and the breath. A series of poses held over a period of time, while synchronised with the breath, exercises different parts of the body.


Many people understand yoga to be this physical practice of poses. However the true practice of yoga also includes controlled breathwork, meditation and attitudes to life such as moderation, acceptance, knowledge of the self and the ability to experience joy, gratitude and optimism in all situations.


The benefits of yoga are enjoyed by millions of people worldwide, from stressed executives and mothers, to athletes, physically challenged people, children, teenagers and seniors. Regardless of any perceived limitations, yoga welcomes you as you are.


My optimism wears heavy boots and is loud.

Henry Rollins



“Bernadette’s approach to yoga is great and she understands that it is not just about the ‘physical’ but also the spiritual, mental and the breath."

Louise, Willoughby, Australia


Bernadette in a yoga pose