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What is a Laughter Club?

Laughter Clubs are part of a worldwide network of social clubs that are run by volunteers under the aegis of ‘Laughter Yoga International’. Laughter Clubs aim to bring people together to practice Laughter Yoga exercises, as well as breathing and stretching exercises.


Members tend to meet for an hour every week or fortnight, at public places or indoor venues. Each meeting begins with 30 minutes of laughter and breathing exercises, followed by laughter meditation and a grounding exercise for 30 minutes.


Why join a Laughter Club?

As well as offering a fun and social activity, Laughter Clubs have been shown to provide a range of benefits to participants. These include improvements in physical, emotional and mental health and the development of supportive, caring relationships with others.


Participants report feeling more positive about life, less goal-driven and more able to manage fear, anger, depression and other challenging emotions. Even members with serious illnesses have managed to alleviate their fear and pain after a period of laughter.


Where can I find a Laughter Club?

Bernadette leads the Lindfield Laughter Club in Sydney and you can find more Laughter Club locations at Laughter Yoga International and www.meetup.com/Lindfield-Laughter-Club. She is also qualified to run Certified Laughter Yoga Leader Training.


Contact us to find out more and join the fun!


Certified Laughter Yoga Leader Training


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