Laughter Yoga and Relay for Life


Ever thought that Laughter Yoga and cancer would go together? The last thing anyone who has been given a diagnosis of cancer would think of doing is laughing. Yet when we laugh according to the prescription:

15 - 20 minutes per day

3 x a week

We find our ability to manage stressful situations is that much easier. Our thinking is clearer and most importantly, we have the "What can I do now with a positive attitude?" mindset.

Laughter Yoga is an exercise that improves health and wellbeing.

Last weekend's Relay for Life run by the Cancer Council of Australia was an example of how positive thinking is an important aspect of managing cancer and helping the community look at cancer in an optimistic light.

Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher and international presenter, Bernadette McGree was asked to provide a Laughter Yoga session at the Macquarie Ryde event at Macquarie University last Saturday. "I arrived at 7:00am bright eyed and bussy tailed, ready to energise the Relay for Life participants. They'd been up all night.What surprised me so much was the enthusiasm they all had for Laughter Yoga.

We laughed and played and had lots of fun."

Here's what one of the students said about the session...

My optimism wears heavy boots and is loud.

Henry Rollins