about mukti bhukti


Bringing joy and purpose to daily life


Many of us long to feel that we are living a life of purpose and contribution. True wellbeing and happiness arise when we feel balanced in mind, body and spirit and are able to see the good in all aspects of our lives, even those that challenge us.


mukti bhukti (mook-tee book-tee) seeks to help people and organisations realise their highest vision.


Through the time-tested practices of yoga and laughter, individuals are assisted to tune into the guidance of their hearts. They also learn to find joy in every moment, however mundane.


As people regain a sense of joy and purpose in their lives, along with the clarity and energy to realize their goals, they in turn have a transformative effect on others and the organisations in which they work.


In this way the expansion and inspiration of the heart and spirit (mukti) are manifested in the material world for the enjoyment of all (bhukti).


We all have the power and the freedom to make a real difference in the world.


Why not take the first step today? Join one of our yoga classes, visit a laughter club or contact us to discuss your individual needs








My optimism wears heavy boots and is loud.

Henry Rollins


“I’m really enjoying your classes and I can really feel the difference physically and emotionally/spiritually. My partner and friends have also noticed the difference which is really encouraging.”

Jacqui (Corporate Yoga)


Bernadette jumping for joy