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Bernadette McGree is a leading health and happiness expert who provides programs for organisations that care for their top performing people. Working with each organisation, she creates workshops, seminars, trainings and retreats aimed at increasing the wellbeing of their team and learning practical techniques to find balance while maintaining performance.


By 2000, Bernadette’s achievements at work had declined dramatically due to stress, anxiety and depression. Unable to maintain the pressure of a full time load plus manage a family, she changed to part-time work.  Since then, she pursued a personal journey to learn ways to optimize her performance, maintain a healthy lifestyle and become a serial optimist. She understands the challenges of having high expectations, pursuing top performance and finding balance in all aspects of life.


Bernadette is a unique presenter with a wealth of experience in yoga, laughter wellness, meditation and mindfulness. Her sessions are practical, self-empowering and fun.


Building on her career as an educator and yoga teacher, Bernadette trained as a Laughter Facilitator and began daily meditation in 2008. In 2010 she became interested in Mindfulness as a way to help non-meditators and non-yogis find health and inner peace.


Life can be hectic with jobs, family and the rest of life to juggle. Taking time for yourself to have fun, be healthy and enjoy family and friends while managing all the other aspects of your life takes work. I know. Yet with knowledge and practical tools that are easy to master, everyone can achieve balance.


“Bernadette, I have learned so much from you, not just about yoga, but about self-acceptance and choosing a joyful approach to life.”  Kathryn, Chicago, USA


“Thanks Bernadette for a magical week.  You were amazing.  You really connect and touch every person - such an inspiration.” Stef, Mt Martha, Victoria


“Thanks for the Laughter and Stress Management Workshop Bernadette. The participants were really involved and clearly enjoyed it. The feedback showed they found the session relaxing and fun. They were also grateful to have practical strategies they could use immediately. We can't wait for the next session!”  Madeleine Thompson Support Services Coordinator – Sydney Metropolitan Region Leukaemia Foundation


“It was a great day and your involvement and session was a key highlight for many who participated and visited the festivities in Martin Place. Thanks again for your involvement and support of carers and Carers Week 2013! We look forward to future opportunities to work together and for you to share your “magic” again. Elena Katrakis CEO Carers NSW


Bernadette’s experience includes presenting at Conferences in the US and China. Since 2011, she has presented at FILEX (Australian Fitness and Health Conference) and Australia’s Laughter Wellness Conference annually. She is a Best Selling Author and has worked with a variety of national and international companies including CBA, Westpac, WWF, Adobe and BlackRock, as well as top multinational consulting firms.


Alongside these she has worked with government organisations such as Carers NSW, ability groups including the Cerebral Palsy Association, not for profits large and small including Street Level and the Leukaemia Foundation.


She has recently worked with Baptistcare and is currently working with Independent Living and Aged Care companies providing workshops and trainings for their Residential and Activities Managers.


To talk to Bernadette personally about a program for your team, contact her now on 0411 087 363 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

My optimism wears heavy boots and is loud.

Henry Rollins

Bernadette McGree

Bachelor of Science

Grad Diploma of Education

Certified Yoga Instructor

Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher

International Presenter

Keynote Speaker

Best Selling Author



“I have learned so much from Bernadette, not just about yoga, but about self-acceptance and choosing a joyful approach to life.”

Kathryn, Skokie, USA