Relaxation & Meditation Workshops

Experience deep relaxation and calm as you learn the secrets of successsful meditation. Explore these in a group where we also harness the benefits of a group practise.

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Saturday March 25, 1-3pm at Flex Body Northbridge. To book or find our more, click here.


Laughter Workshops


Laughter Yoga workshops enable a deeper experience and understanding of Laughter incorporating the Laughter Yoga process.


Workshops can be 1.5 - 3 hours or a full day.


The longer practice enables participants to delve deeper. In so doing, you really get into the spirit of laughter, releasing any fear of judgement and focusing on fun, play and connection with other participants. The pay-off is better communication, creativity and group cohesion as well as the many physiologocal and psychological benefits from deep, extended and unconditional laughter.


The workshop format varies according to the needs of participants with all workshops including laughter, mindfulness and meditation exercises. Different aspects of health and well-being can be integrated into the workshop, according to the group make-up and desired outcomes. The workshops often include team-building and self-esteem building activities, presented in an interactive and fun way.


To register your interest for upcoming workshops or for a tailored workshop at your work, please contact us.



Yoga and therapeutic-based yoga workshops


Yoga workshops provide the opportunity to deepen your yoga practice and work on specific health issues or areas of the body. For example, a yoga workshop may focus on postures to assist with spinal problems such as scoliosis, or on specific asanas such as headstands and handstands.


The practice is founded on the Universal Principles of Alignment from Anusara Yoga®, which work to gently move each individual into the Optimal Blueprint for every pose. The aim is to align the body, mind and heart to promote healing and reduce discomfort and ill-health.


Workshops are usually around 2-3 hours and can be tailored to suit the needs of the participants.







My optimism wears heavy boots and is loud.

Henry Rollins


Relaxation & Meditation Workshop

Saturday 25 March 1-3pm at Flex Body, Northbridge.

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“Your workshop was truly the best that I attended over the whole 3 days! I feel as though I have learnt and grown so much from what you shared.”

Amber Northcott, FILEX 2014


“Bernadette is a ”great presenter, very friendly and open. She has a wealth of knowledge."

Delegate, FILEX 2015

Workshop - Bakasana or Crane Pose

Workshop - Outdoors